1. Hardware Engineering, Assembling Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

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This course Fee:

1.Three Day Class: 4000Tk

2.One Week Class: 5500Tk

3.Three Month Class: 6000Tk

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AIM : To Provide in Hardware problem solve. To enhance Existing Troubleshooting Key skills.To develop High order hardware Key skills. To equip students with the ability to any hardware problem solve.

Who can take the training : This training course is suitable for school & collage going students also for other who want to learn IT Hardware . If any has very poor knowledge of it they are also welcome. 

OUTCOME : At the of the module students will be expected to have an understanding of how to hardware problem solve techniques and enquiry are used to extend, create and interpret knowledge in hardware engineering . Computer user is increasing day by day , So the problem is growing in computer hardware . increasing demand for hardware engineer,That's a big store, A hardware engineer,office of the court have many needs,be able to deal with complex issues at the forefront of the academic discipline of software engineering in a manner,based on sound judgments, that is both systematic and creative,and be able to communicate conclusions clearly to both specialists and non-specialists.demonstrate self-direction and originality in tackling and solving problems within the domain of software engineering,and be able to act autonomously in planning and implementing solution in a professional manner.make use of the qualities and transferable skills necessary for employment requiring:(i) the exercise of initiative and personal responsibility,(ii) decision making in complex and unpredictable situation (iii)scientific risk identification,assessment and control, and (iv) the independent learning ability required for continuing professional development.

 ** Basic Hardware Component 1 Class

** Memory Device   2 Class

** Motherboard     2 Class

** Primary & secondary storage Device  2 Class

** processor & specification 2 Class

** Monitor 1 Class

** The CPU 1 Class

** Power Supply 2 Class

** Input & Output Device 2 class

** Bios & Installation 2 class

** Assembling & Troubleshooting 3 Class 

** Basic networking 2 Class 

** EXAM 1 Class