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Shah Nawaz Bhuiyan

Shah Nawaz Bhuiyan is an IT Incharge at Creative Institute Carrers Technology & Research . He obtained Diploma in Data telecommunication & networking from the Feni Computer Institute of Feni and Bsc Electric & Electronics Engineering (EEE) From the  University Of Information Technology & science (UITS) of Dhaka ,

I would like to develop my career in IT sector where I will get the opportunity to explore and extend my knowledge and skill. Want to work any challenging job where I can serve the development efficiency to achieve its goal.

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Epatshala for teacher: শিক্ষকরা কিভাবে ইপাঠশালা ব্যবহার করবেন, Hardware Engineering, Assembling Maintenance & Trouble Shooting, Basic Web Design & Development , Web design and development using CMS: Drupal/Joomla/Moodle, Networking with Wireless LAN
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